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“New Creative” Theme



This is the theme that used to be used on my web sites. This theme can be used for creatives, small businessses, and other sites. Featuring a modern and flat design, this theme can make a great boilerplace for your next Bootstrap-based project!

This theme is a fork of StartBootstrap's "Creative".

This template includes:

  • Fully-functioning navbar;
  • Sample hero image;
  • Sample page content;
  • Classes and IDs are 100% Bootstrap 4.5 compatable;
  • CDN-powered .css and .js files (Optional)

This download includes:

  • index.html with basic page layout
  • Main stylesheet and "Prism" stylesheet
  • JavaScript files for site features, prism, and FontAwesome (free version)
  • License info file

Note: The MIT license applies to the included downloaded files only. It does NOT apply to any websites using this theme, unless the site owner wishes to license their site as such.

The lake image (hero.png) is Copyright (C) 2019, Anton McClure. All Rights Reserved.


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  • Vendor:
    Anton McClure
  • Version:
  • Release Date:
    October 30, 2020
  • First Release:
    October 12, 2020
  • Support:
    None (as-is, without warranty)
  • License:
    MIT License