Generic image is a unix server with some people on it and that unix server hosts webpages and other things too.

It is one of many servers attempting to create a more empathetic and open programming community.’s sysadmins are ~neko and ~anton.

Signups are currently open. You may sign up at

For help with SSH, you may use my OpenSSH guide.

Here are our ssh host keys for your verification and security:

  • ECDSA: SHA256:l9U2XAtdy0JDSgH1ZqhfwQHSZLUM0AQfJDotCy/67zM
  • ED25519: SHA256:wqxWNtX5dXrzEbfVo5u7mMbxUW1IqIn5cTu+ejSOqno
  • RSA: SHA256:Fe5YhqEtGeRYGLAVcmbGG52UzzM8q3DsTIIhO5t5IKU