Installing the catgirl IRC Client

The catgirl IRC client is currently what I consider to be the best terminal-based IRC client I've used. Here is how you can easily install it and get started with using it.

Installing Google Chrome on Debian/Ubuntu

Google Chrome is the world's most popular web browser. Here's how to install it on Debian GNU/Linux.

How to Install Filezilla Without Getting Potentially Unwanted Programs

Filezilla's installer has left many people with potentially unwanted programs on their PC. This is not good. Here's how you can install Filezilla without their sponsor's software.

Installing Weechat on Debian/Ubuntu

How to install the Weechat IRC client on Debian-based systems such as Ubuntu

OpenSSH Basics

Basic SSH (Secure Shell) key generation and use info for TheAsylum, nulltech, and other UNIX/Linux systems.

How to Password Protect Files/Directories on Apache2 with .htpasswd and .htaccess

A guide for password protecting sites and/or directories with '.htpasswd' and '.htaccess'.

PuTTY Basics

Basic SSH (Secure Shell) info for Summit and other pubnix/tilde servers via PuTTY.

How to Reset Windows 10

If your PC isn't working well, and it has been a while since you have installed an app, driver, or update, you may want to consider resetting your pc.

Starting Programs on Boot/Reboot with Cron and Tmux

If you want to launch programs that won't be able to use a Systemd service, Tmux and a cron job may be a good choice.

How to Stop Detached Mosh Sessions

For security reasons, Mosh sessions cannot be resumed if improperly closed. Here's how you can stop those connections.

Tilde.Chat Nickserv Basics

A guide for using NickServ on the Tilde.Chat network.