Thunix is Now a Part of Tildeverse





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An announcement from Thunix Shell Provider and Web Host staff announcing new membership in the tildeverse.


Originally published on (now defunct).

Hello thunix,

I am pleased to announce that thunix is now listed as a part of the tildeverse!

The tildeverse, founded by Ben Harris, is described as a "community of GNU+Linux boxes that aim to share the fun and love (Miles)". The tildeverse is home to numerous projects such as an irc network (, gopher proxt, mastodon and pleroma, gitea, cryptpad, a pastebin, searx, tilderadio, slbr, twtxt, nullpointer paste bin (0x0), tildeverse journals, and much more! By signing up for thunix, you now have the option to be a part of the tildeverse community.

You can connect to tildeverse irc on thunix by connecting to irc://localhost:6667 or externally from ircs:// with ssl.

We hope you have fun with these services and everything thunix has to offer!