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YourTilde Under New Management

Anton McClure • September 1, 2020

Technology; Tildeverse; Linux; UNIX; YourTilde; Archive;

My introduction post as admin of YourTilde

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Re: Comments

Anton McClure • April 27, 2020

Opinion; Technology; Tildeverse;

My thoughts on comments and other public feedback systems.

Image by Gerd Altmann (geralt). Image licensed under the Pixabay License.
Privacy Matters

Anton McClure • March 12, 2020

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We are living in a highly-connected age of big data. As the amount of big data goes up, so does the importance of protecting peoples privacy. alternate logo.
Zenith Shell Provider and Web Host Resignation

Anton McClure • January 10, 2020

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Resignation notice for Zenith Shell Provider and Web Host (formerly Summit Tilde).

Tildeverse Logo by Aewens. Used with permission.
What are Tildes and How You Can Use Tilde Computing

Anton McClure • September 12, 2019 ~ November 28, 2020

Tildes; Technology; Tildeverse; Open Computing;

A quickly-growing community that started from a couple of drinks.

Thunix is Now a Part of Tildeverse

Anton McClure • November 16, 2018

Tildes; Tildeverse; Thunix; Open Computing; Archive;

An announcement from Thunix Shell Provider and Web Host staff announcing new membership in the tildeverse.