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It's About Time We Rename Our Git Repos' Primary Branches from Master to Main

Anton McClure • November 3, 2020

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Git’s use of the term “master” is going away. Here's why you shouldn't use “master” and how you can easily change your existing repos.

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(Why) You Should Not Use WordPress

Anton McClure • October 21, 2020

Technology; Internet; Alternatives; Security;

WordPress currently powers about 38% of the web, but there are better options with improved functionality, security, and more.

We Need to Address These Preventable IoT Security Problems

Anton McClure • September 16, 2020

Technology; Cloud; Internet; Security;

According to the OWASP Internet of Things (IoT) top 10 vulnerabilities from 2018, that long ago, the top risk was weak, guessable, or hardcoded passwords. This, and other issues, are entirely preventable.

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Bootstrap 5 Alpha is Now Available - Here's What's New

Anton McClure • July 15, 2020

Technology; Internet; Bootstrap; Archive;

The latest version of Bootstrap, the leading web framework, is now available!

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(Why) You Shouldn't Home-Host Your Server

Anton McClure • May 29, 2020

Technology; Servers; Hosting; Internet;

People may consider home-hosting a server for websites, shell hosts, and more. However, the negatives may outweigh the positives.

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Do Paywalls Work

Anton McClure • February 27, 2020

Technology; Media; Internet;

Many news sources resort to using paywalls to generate profit. Do these paywalls actually have benefits other than some extra money?

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Is DNSSEC Adoption Worth It

Anton McClure • February 11, 2020

Technology; DNS; Cybersecurity; Internet;

DNSSEC has a lot of hype surrounding it, but is it worth adopting?

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Microsoft Launches New Edge Browser

Anton McClure • January 16, 2020

Technology; Internet; Microsoft; Windows; macOS; Linux;

The stable release of the new Microsoft Edge is now available for download.