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Making the Internet and its Content Accessible for More People

By: Anton McClure;
Published: June 14, 2020
Tags: General; Internet;
Mobile devices are bringing the Internet to more people than ever before. Here's ways we can improve their online experience.

(Why) I Won't Use WordPress, and Why You Shouldn't Either

By: Anton McClure;
Published: June 5, 2020
Tags: Technology; Alternatives; Security; Internet;
WordPress is popular, but there are better programs out there.

(Why) You Shouldn't Home-Host Your Server

By: Anton McClure;
Published: May 29, 2020
Tags: Technology; Servers; Hosting; Internet;
People may consider home-hosting a server for websites, shell hosts, and more. However, the negatives may outweigh the positives.

Do Paywalls Work

By: Anton McClure;
Published: February 27, 2020
Tags: Technology; Media; Internet;
Many news sources resort to using paywalls to generate profit. Do these paywalls actually have benefits other than some extra money?

Is DNSSEC Adoption Worth It

By: Anton McClure;
Published: February 11, 2020
Tags: Technology; DNS; Cybersecurity; Internet;
DNSSEC has a lot of hype surrounding it, but is it worth adopting?

Microsoft Launches New Edge Browser

By: Anton McClure;
Published: January 16, 2020
Tags: Technology; Internet; Microsoft; Windows; macOS; Linux;
The stable release of the new Microsoft Edge is now available for download.