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Zenith Shell Provider and Web Host Resignation

To the Zenith Shell Provider and Web Host community, I am resigning from my position as head administrator of Zenith Shell Provider and Web Host. This resignation is to take effect immediately on February 10, 2020 at 12:00 AM EST. I am doing this in order to put more focus on the Summit Project, my…

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How I Got Clean URLs For My Blog

Like many people and organizations, my site has portions that are powered by open source software. An example of that would be the code powering this blog, from (with permission from Ben, of course). This code worked, for the most part, but URLs were written like rather than an SEO-friendly In order…

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New Blog

Welcome to the new blog! New posts will be made available soon. Note: Any posts that appear before this one were imported from the old Summit blog.

Photo by Dele Oke (dele_o). Image licensed under the Pixabay License.

Google Plans for Android to Use the Regular Mainline Linux Kernel

At this year’s Linux Plumbers Conference, Google talked about getting Android to work with a generic Linux kernel, rather than the custom ones they use now, and showed an Android phone running a generic Linux kernel. Currently, the Android kernel is a fork from the Long-Term Support (LTS) version of the Linux kernel and is given…

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Oracle Co-CEO Mark Hurd Has Died at Age 62

My thoughts, prayers, and condolences are with Mark Hurd’s family, friends, loved ones, and everyone at Oracle. Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle Corporation, has passed away earlier today at age 62. The news of Hurd’s death was first emailed to Oracle employees and shared in an announcement by Larry Ellison on Hurd’s website. In September, Hurd took…

Update: The Return of Tilde.Club

Shortly following the publishing of “What are ‘Tildes’ and How You Can Use ‘Tilde Computing’”, an announcement was made regarding Then on September 16, 2019, I got an email from which read: You at some point have requested access to I am Michael. I go by the name “deepend” in most places…

Tildeverse Logo by Aewens. Used with permission.

What are “Tildes” and How You Can Use “Tilde Computing”

What are Tildes A “tilde” server is a public access server running any operating system. These servers are hosted in various ways on various technologies, ranging from a Raspberry Pi at someone’s home, to powerful dedicated servers in the Cloud, and nearly everything in between. The first “tilde” known as by Paul Ford, started in 2014,…