How I Got Clean URLs For My Blog

By: Anton McClure;

Published: January 9, 2020

Categories: Technology; General;

A simple and free solution for SEO-friendly URLs that can be used with virtually any web app.


Like many people and organizations, my site has portions that are powered by open source software. An example of that would be the code powering this blog, from (with permission from Ben, of corse).

More specifically, our blog's code is derived from:

foreach (array_reverse(glob("pages/*.md")) as $page) {
    $yaml = $parser->parse(file_get_contents($page))->getYAML();
    if (!$yaml["published"]) continue; ?>
    <a href="?page=<?=basename($page, ".md")?>">
    </a> - <?=$yaml["date"]?><br>
<?php }

Our code has had many additional modifications from feature, reliability, and security update. Regardless, this is what the code started as.

This code worked, for the most part, but URLs were written like, rather than an SEO-friendly In order to fix this, some NGINX code is needed.

The rewrite code that worked for me is shown below:

        location /blog/ {rewrite ^/blog/(.*)$ /blog/index.php?page=$1 last;}

Feel free to use and adapt this in your nginx configs as you deem necessary.

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