I'm Anton McClure

I'm a software developer from Akron with experience in VB.Net, Python, HTML, CSS, JS, & PHP. Passionate about how SaaS and the cloud can improve lives, living conditions, and quality of life.

About me

I'm studying Computer Information Systems at the University of Akron. I like coding, doing sysadmin tasks, among other things such as IRC and making music. I have experience with administrating Windows, Solaris, and various Linux systems.

About my site

This is my official home page and web site, which hosts my blog, guides, and other projects.

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My Skills

Software Development

Experience with VB.Net, C#, Python, JS, C++, and BASH/Shell scripting.

System Administration

Experience with Windows (Desktop), Windows Server, Oracle Solaris, Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora), and more.

Software as a Service

Experience with various SaaS platforms and has some self-made SaaS programs.

My Resume

A copy of my resume is available online in the following file formats:


Have a cool idea, or want to work together with me on something? Feel free to contact me via the method of your choosing!